We match your business with a social project, take a portion of the profits from your sales and make sure it gets to the social project you are working with. We also make sure your customers know they are making a difference and we help them track the impact of their purchase. We then help you use this as a competitive advantage for your business.

Our partnership model with businesses works like this:


Your partnership package includes:

All aspects of the social impact partnership handled by us;

Social impact material to increase the value of your brand, impact reporting and consumer tracking of the project; 

Marketing support from The Good Seed Collective including use of The Good Seed Collective logo and collateral;

Endorsement from The Good Seed Collective as a business that consumers can trust to have real social impact. 


How do I know where the money goes?

100% of your donation goes towards your project. We charge a small addtional fee to help run The Good Seed Collective and keep spreading the good seed.