A minimalists guide to Christmas gift buying


At this time of the year we don't blame you if you are feeling a little over-whelmed with all the christmas rush. We like best to take this month a little slower, step away from all the buying, and ease our way into the festivities (and eating, oh the eating...)

In honour of keeping the month of December a little slower, we put together something small to inspire keeping gift giving a bit more relaxed.

CHRISTMAS GIVING - The small gifts

Office secret Santa - unfortunately because of the nature of the price of secret santa, often smaller and inexpensive items are brought, only to be thrown away after the office party. Instead of a $10 gift, consider whether the office can pool the money together to buy the office a good quality gift (we brought a worm farm last year and it has provided far too much entertainment) or give it to a good social cause - the feel good factor that comes out of this is worth it alone.

For friends, family and colleagues we like to make something delicious and put it into beautiful glass jars we have saved through the year (Rocky Road takes around 15 minutes and is a winner!). This is always, without a doubt, a most well received gift and the chance to be creative beats long lines in the mall carpark any day! 

CHRISTMAS GIVING - The big gifts

For the first time our family are having our own 'secret santa' where each person buys one beautiful and quality gift for a designated person. This means that we don't get a number of unwanted excess gifts, but you can focus on buying something thoughtful and useful. 

Consider also whether there is an opportunity to not give a gift but time instead. Maybe you surf or are an excellent cook - you could offer lessons as your gift, or a bush walk and picnic on a Saturday in summer.

If your looking for a little inspiration for sustainable and ethical gifts, here are a few gift ideas we love (Just click on the photo for the website).