Intentions for 2018 to actually keep

A month into the New Year and our resolutions to stretch every morning at 5.30 am have already disappeared under the covers of a comfy bed. Instead of expecting ourselves to meet unrealistic goals, we thought we would share ideas for intentions for an incredible 2018 from real people who actually live and do cool little things every day that make a difference - people who just so happen to be our best friends!

Enjoy this sage and wise advice from the gorgeous people in our lives. 


What has been one of your favourite moments of 2017?

I had a wonderful year with so many amazing moments. One of my favourites would be my return to Paris (where I used to live) for a holiday. Some of my best friends from different times in my life joined from London, Lyon, and Lausanne! It was incredibly special.

We would love you to share with us a few of your favourite photos of the year so far?

When a best friend came home from travels and brought chocolate covered strawberries and stories, my brother took me for a day of activities before he left the country, following a pizza masterclass where we learnt to make proper pizza at home and finally, one of the spectacular views from Mt Kaukau - a favourite walk in Wellington where I live. 

Can you share a few of your intentions for living a more mindful and conscious 2018

I finish off every year with a notebook session with my cousin, reflecting on the year that has been and mapping out intentions for the next. This exercise, followed by a few check-ins through-out the year, makes me realise what my priorities are and helps keep me present and grateful.

One of the main ways I intend to live a more mindful and conscious 2018 is through being a more conscious consumer. Not only will I feel more informed in my purchases of food and clothing, but I have found conscious consuming to be far less costly financially!

While I have been pescetarian (although I mostly eat vegan) for several years now for environmental and animal rights reasons, I want to learn more about the seafood I eat and seek out the sustainably-fished local options. I so enjoy having packed lunches at work, but have been getting slack and relying on uninspiring combinations when I make them. This year I am going to shop more at farmers markets to load up on cheap and fresh produce, and be more adventurous in my vegetarian cooking. I have just bought two cookbooks by the fantastic Anna Jones to keep me motivated and excited to cook.

Another intention for 2018 is to reduce food-related waste. I have just bought my first ‘Keepcup’, which I keep at my work desk for my daily coffee runs. I love it, and it saves me 50 cents a time! I have also bought a fold-up reusable bag that I keep in my handbag for spontaneous grocery shopping to avoid falling back on a plastic bag.

I also want to consider what I wear and how it is made more. To be more mindful about where I am putting my money, I want to focus on buying clothes that are either second-hand, ’made in New Zealand’, and/or from companies which pride themselves on ethical supply chains. This week I found some luxurious looking pyjamas on instagram and when I couldn’t even find on their website where in the world they were made, I simply emailed the company asking where their pyjamas were made, and by whom. The response was fast (yet sadly not convincing) so I have passed on that purchase. I will email more in the future when uncertain of how companies are making their, but am steadily building up a list of ethical companies to purchase clothing from in any case (Twenty-Seven Names, Everlane, and Reformation are three of my favourites).


What has been one of your favourite moments of 2017?

My favourite memory from 2017 was hiking in Yosemite National Park with my best friends. We stayed in a tent, hung out around a campfire, saw a bear, and climbed to the top of the most amazing waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

We would love you to share with us a few of your favourite photos of the year so far?

This has been the most “New Zealand” summer of my life. I couldn’t be happier to be home, which is probably obvious from the photos!

Can you share with us a few of your intentions for living a more mindful and conscious 2018?

I’m trying to make a few small changes for a more sustainable 2018. I really want to cut down on single use plastic - which for me means reusable shopping and produce bags for groceries, beeswax wraps instead of gladwrap, and less takeaway coffee cups. I have also recently started a few sewing projects, which has motivated me to support ethical fashion labels. Now that I understand how much work goes into making an item of clothing, I also realise how impossible it is that those manufacturing a $5 fast fashion item are earning a living wage.


What has been one of your favourite moments of 2017? 

Spending the first two weeks of summer on my little boat cruising around the gulf harbour with my girlfriend. We cruised We were lucky to have beautiful weather the entire time and went island hopping around the small islands. We met up with friends, ate delicious gelato, swam off the boat and everyday we just sailed whereever the wind would take us (literally!). 

Can you share with us a few of your intentions for living a more mindful and conscious 2018?

Somethings I intend to do this year are:

I don't want to forget to bring my bag to the supermarket - I hope keeping it in my car helps!

I want to get better at remembering people's names when I first meet them.

Keep picking up rubbish at the beach - I find it difficult to walk past rubbish or plastic on the beach, even if it means coming home with a armful of rubbish!

I want to do less - I do too much 'stuff' and I spread myself too thin, this year I want to do less and what I do do, I want to do better. I always get carried away because there is so much stuff that I want to do, but I have to remember there is only so much time in the day.