Our projects are sourced from not-for-profits, charities and grass roots organisations that normally wouldn't get much exposure to public donations or aid. We look to work with projects both in New Zealand and internationally that focus on the areas of education, extreme poverty, women's rights, child poverty, public health and the environment. Our projects are chosen for a range of reasons, with the prime requirement being solutions based - that is, looking to solve a problem or need in a way that works with the community to empower them for the long term, rather than a simple allocation of funds or services.

We do extensive research into all our organisations we work with to ensure that they are effective, transparent and making a real difference in the community they seek to serve. We work with the organisation to create a project that is using resources most efficiently. Many of the projects we have personal connections with, so we can have that extra check and balance of their impact.

We also believe that being hands on and connected to the project a business is partnering with is important, which is why we offer opportunities to continue being involved in ways beyond donating.