We believe people shouldn't have to choose between buying their favourite brands and buying ethically.

When faced with this issue, friends Helen Curtis and Steph Curley looked for a simple solution. After a serendipitous discussion over mint tea in Morocco, The Good Seed Collective was created to make it easy for all businesses to do social good in a way that positively impacts their business.

We know we are not the only ones who care about making a difference, and we are just a small dot in the wider community of amazing businesses, organisations and individuals who are working to make the world better. This is why we have dedicated our time to helping business do good, and our social media to highlighting rad businesses, individuals and ideas so that we stay inspired by the best.

Helen and Steph grew up in New Zealand by the ocean giving them a great love for the outdoors and adventure. Both are passionate about social change, and when not working on The Good Seed Collective can be found in the surf or exploring the great outdoors at home and abroad.


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