Social responsibility is no longer a new and novel concept but is becoming industry standard.

For a business to continue to be successful, they must adapt and cater to the values of the biggest consumer population, millennials. The opportunity to make a positive social impact with your business is a simple but effective way to show that the integrity of your brand matches the values of millennials.

We are especially excited about social impact as it offers the opportunity to turn positive change into success for your business. All evidence points towards the fact that businesses with a social impact out-perform financially those without. By investing a small amount of profit into social impact, you also increase the perceived value of your product - not only do millennials want to buy from ethical brands, 66 percent of customers are willing to pay more to do so.

    Social impact is a powerful way to enhance brand reputation and invest in long term brand value. Look at international examples of Patagonia, TOMS Shoes, Lush Cosmetics or closer to home, Trilogy. These brands are trusted and sought by customers because their great social story that makes people feel good when buying a product.

    Luckily, we are here to help you with all the hard work. We know your customer like the back of our hand and are here to help you capitalize on this.

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